Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

The very long recap

Let’s see…there’s so much to recap! New Orleans Loved it. The people were happy and friendly, the architecture gorgeous, and while the weather could use some improving, it certainly wasn’t … Continue reading

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A Quiet Monday in New Orleans…promise

Mondays tend to be quiet days, right? Not in New Orleans! My couch host, Abdulla, arrived home at about 9am. He had fallen asleep at his friend’s house after having … Continue reading

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Amtrak – Confused and Humiliated

My trip from LA to New Orleans was long and mostly uneventful. Mostly. I disliked the old lady sitting next to me and her two tween grandsons, least of all … Continue reading

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A Day of Food and Theater in LA

It’s Saturday 15th June and I am on the train to New Orleans. We have been on track for about 17 hours now, and don’t get into NOLA (New Orleans, … Continue reading

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Couchsurfing is Awesome – A Los Angeles Example

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge advocate for couchsurfing. If you don’t know what couchsurfing is – basically you sleep on a local resident’s couch/floor/spare bed, … Continue reading

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Exploring Chinatown

What a great day yesterday was! I spent the morning hunting for couches to surf in New Orleans, and so far am having not much luck 😦 Found a hostel … Continue reading

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A Day at Venice Beach

Yesterday Aaron and I went to check out Venice Beach, LA. Aaron is my couch host, who is letting me sleep on his couch until i leave on the 14th … Continue reading

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