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A Day at Venice Beach

Yesterday Aaron and I went to check out Venice Beach, LA. Aaron is my couch host, who is letting me sleep on his couch until i leave on the 14th June for New orleans. I suppose I should introduce Aaron a bit.

Aaron doesn’t wear shoes, at all. We almost got refused a bus ride because of it, but he said he had them in his bag and then we sat up the very back. He’s a bit of an ass at times, and does things just to annoy people because he finds them funny. For example, flipping public phone receivers so they sit upside down, or riding in the middle of a shared car/bike lane even with three cars behind him. He’s basically a big kid, which isn’t a bad thing, but half the things he does is just because he can and no other reason. I like the was he finds simple things funny, and finds joy in showing me his world. He knows a lot about plants, and theatre production. He is 39 years old and still good friends with people in school.

This is Aaron and his magnificent moustache

This is Aaron and his magnificent moustache


We caught the 94 from Glassel Park into Downtown and then the 733 express down Venice Boulevard. We went for breakfast at a place called Rutt’s Cafe (12114 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066, ruttscafe.com), which is Aaron’s favourite. We also met up with one of his friends called Walter, who is a mechanic and a very nice person in general. After spending all of the day before at home asleep, I was pretty starving! I got a breakfast plate with pancakes, eggs and fruit, which was delicious and filling. The boys got similar and all up our bill was $20, including drinks. Next it was off to collect bikes! Walter was kindly letting us borrow some bikes so we could get around Venice easier/quicker, and I ended up on a Paul Frank branded beach cruiser with a little basket on front.




Walter :)

Walter 🙂

Venice was gorgeous, it was about 22C and had a nice breeze blowing, so we rode/walked all the way along the boardwalk admiring the stalls, t-shirt shops and blankets on the sidewalk laden with crafts for sale. Apart from getting a wicked sunburn, it was great being near the beach, seeing the mix of people and admiring the street art if you look around.

P1050804 P1050821 P1050829

P1050830 P1050803 P1050801 P1050799

Still feeling jet lagged, we headed back home and grabbed some burritos each from a little shop hidden up in the Glassel Park residencies called La Esquina Meat Market (3301 Divison st. Los Angeles, CA 90065, laesquinarestaurant.com). Aaron said they were the best burritos ever, and while they were pretty good, not sure if they were the best… I did like how much meat was in there with the beans and rice. Maybe it just needed more salad? Some tomatoes and avocado would have been delicious! Still, they were only $4 each, and you can’t go wrong at that price! I crawled into bed at about 9pm and slept soundly.

Today I am hoping to check out Chinatown and the Union Station area using some free walking tour guides I found though Angels Walk LA. Have a great day everyone!

Kodiko xx

The Venice Beach canals. That amazing house there retails for only a bit over $2M.

The Venice Beach canals. That amazing house there retails for only a bit over $2M.

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