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Already Looking at Rentals – SF, Day 5

27 June 2012

After my super late night I had a nice long sleep in and didn’t get up until about 10am. Got some more breakfast stuff, did computer stuff, and tried to figure out what to do for my last day in SF. I still had tickets to the Aquarium, the Museum of Modern Art and the de Young Museum to use up. I took the train into town for the last time and took the N line to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. It felt great being able to navigate the city using the public transport, and I love how many different options and connections there. So much better than Adelaide! I wasn’t using any timetables, so not sure if it runs on time, but it seems to. At the Ferry building I had a poke around some markets there. I saw some great photos of the Bridge and wanted to get one, but the photographer didn’t have any in the size that I wanted. Luckily there were lots of artists, so I got a different one instead. It will look lovely hanging on the wall at home.

A random house for lease 😉

I must look like a local, I had two people ask me for directions while I was at the market, hehe. I wanted to do the Fisherman’s Wharf tour that was offered by Discover Walks, the same group who operate the ones I did yesterday. That wasn’t on until about 3:30pm though. I took my ride on the California line cable car and maintained my disappointment from yesterday about the whole experience. It was better once all the school kids got off, but still. I got my friend a present from Pier 39 that I won’t name here just yet because it will give the surprise away, hehe.

Through the dirty cable car window

After wandering around a while before I went to meet up for the tour. It was a different person doing the tour than yesterday, but he was cool, lots of fun. It was a little funny though when I was correcting him on public transport advice, lol. Still, learned a lot about the area and its history, which was great! The tour guide is a theatre/film major currently in the process of making a leprechaun pirate film. I really wanted to hang out afterwards, but he had singing lessons to get to.

Looking out over the famous wiggly Lombard St. You can see Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge in the distance

I went in hunt of stamps for my postcards to send home, but the local Walgreens didn’t have any left. I decided it was time to visit the aquarium, my last attraction of the visit. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed and thought the Academy of Sciences was way better. That said, I did desperately need to pee most of the time I was in there, so that was distracting… tmi?

I got a text from a girl called Karen telling me to come hang out at the weekly CS meetup happening in the Mission. The Mission is a suburb of SF a little out of downtown. From what I gather it is kinda the close-to-the-city-but-lower-socio-economic area, kind of the less cool arty/hippie Haight st. The houses were still very beautiful, but you could tell the people weren’t doing as great.

I caught the bus out, arrived at El Rio where this was happening and found a “No persons under 21” sign. Hm. I had assumed Karen knew I was underage, but apparently not. I sent her another message to let her know and she came out the front. She was very apologetic, but still. I ma sort of glad I went because I had been trying to figure out all day hpw I could get my CityPass to another traveller who could use it, if only for the free transport. Being so far out of the city didn’t help, and I could hardly mail it. But it was still good for another six days! So I gave it to Karen and hopefully she passed it on to someone else who needed it, or used it herself. No point wasting the $69, plus someone will get in to the museums at least.

So that was my last day in San Francisco. What a place. I already started looking at rentals, which aren’t cheap but maybe doable at some point… I can’t wait to go back some time, especially with Peter! The only other thing I wished I had done was see a Giants baseball game. They get pretty passionate about their sport, and there were three games on during the time I was there. Oh well, something to do for next time. I will be back, I am sure of it.

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