Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

Fourth of July 2012 in Indianapolis

Hello followers and new visitors to my blog.

First, obligatory apologies for not posting with any kind of regularity. I shall try to refrain from taking two week hiatus’, but no promises. I’d like to say that I’ve been busy, but that would be lies. Okay, I’ve been a little busy. Mainly I just haven’t bothered to post.

So last time you heard from me I was trying to find a way to healthily feed myself for three weeks without a fridge or cooking utensils. You will be pleased to hear that after we (the other 8 students and myself) alerted the international office ot the issue, they were very helpful. They sourced us a mini bar fridge, a kettle and a toaster, plus some eating utensils. A senior student here who is helping our class out has lent us a pot and frying pan, plus a board and cutting knife. So between all that, we are managing to eat not too badly, though we do go out a fair bit for dinner too.

Allow me to introduce my new Aussie friends, who all go to the same university I do, but we had to travel all the way to Indianapolis to become friends. Funny how that works out.


Tim, waiting for bacon on July 4th

Bess in Chicago enjoying a late night pizza!

Fin waiting for a taxi at the Indy Children’s Museum. I’m not sure what was puzzling him.

The Wednesday after I arrived was the Fourth of July, the national holiday to celebrate the United States becoming independent from Britain. Like Australia Day, most people just enjoy the day off and don’t do much besides grill stuff and drink alcohol. The night before, we had been invited to a party and had a great time learning how to play beer pong, among other things! So we all slept in until mid-afternoon. In the evening we headed for downtown for the first time, determined to find some dinner and see some fireworks. Here in the USA anyone can get fireworks and let them off, although there have been bans recently due to their drought. However fireworks are an American tradition, so many people just went ahead and let them off anyway. The firies were kept busy from what I heard.

We got dinner at a place called Buffalo Wild Wings and then went to Monument Square to watch the fireworks. Here are some photos!

Me riding a Segway that the campus police use. It was pretty fun!

In Buffalo Wild Wings. Good luck getting a seat where you CAN’T see a TV!

The monument in Monument Square. You can actually climb it if you want!!


Om nom nom, ice cream with Koster…

July Fourth fireworks!!!

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