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The Golden Gate Bridge – SF, Day 2

24 June 2012

I had a nice sleep and got settled into the house. For breakfast I went across the street to the 24 hour SafeWay. I got a plain bagel, a yoghurt 4-pack and a heap of fruit: bananas, apples, a nectarine, some peaches, and a box of strawberries. It was a very large breakfast, and in the end I couldn’t quite finish it, so loaded the last of the cut up fruit in a bag for later on. Today we were going to see the Bridge.

This was the one thing in San Francisco that I really really wanted to do, much like the iFly in Los Angeles.I had somewhat of a fascination with it after seeing the documentary The Bridge a year or two ago. Maybe this was a bad precedent to seeing it, having watched a film about people jumping from it, so my first sighting was quite emotional. I actually first saw it yesterday, when I was at Pier 39 by myself. I just spotted it through some of the buildings, just the tops of the towers that hold up the suspension lines. A shiver went through me and water welled in my eyes. That was the place so any chose to end their lives. I laid out my accusations to the Bridge, felt a small part of the numb helpless rage that one feels when someone dies and resolved that the Bridge was not totally to blame. The hairs on my arms were standing up, and small waves of recognition, sad rememberance, mourning and admiration lapped at my soul. It was quite electric, and not something I had experienced before.

That was my first time seeing the Bridge. This time though, I felt excitement, and joy. The day was beautiful, blue skies untainted by clouds and not much wind. Jim took me to several different vantage points to see the Bridge. The main one was when we drove to Bakers Beach, walked down the path to the sand, and then hiked along the beach and boulders until we were just underneath the southern tower.

I’ve been to Costa Rica and held baby sea turtles and zip lined a hundred feet over a forest. I’ve been to Venice and Uluru, seen the Redwoods and walked the ancient streets of Europe. But the most beautiful thing I have ever ever seen is the Golden Gate Bridge. To me, it is somewhat of a testament of what can be accomplished by a collective of people. That looks lame typed up like that. I can’t even describe why I like the Bridge so much. It simply captivates me, and I can’t describe why, or how. The feelings I have looking at the Bridge are the same ones I felt arriving in Adelaide after being away in Costa Rica for five weeks. It feels like home, and I have a small sense of pride towards it. I feel like I belong when I’m near it, which is a strange sensation for me sometimes.

From the Marin Headlands. The beach next to the right hand tower is where the first two were taken.

Jim offered to drop me in the city but I hadn’t quite fiured out the Caltrain system yet, so decided to go home. I napped on the way home, Jim must think I’m so lazy! The hike did me in a little, it got mentally exhausting constantly being on the watch for stray waves coming too far up the beach. I still got a bit wet…

Didn’t do much in the evening, and got ready for another fun day! I didn’t have anyone to hang out with, but in the end Heather my American cousin was in town. She normally lives a bit North I think, but had a wedding to go to. I decided to visit the California Academy of Science, located in Golden Gate Park and get a SF CityPass which has unlimited trips on Muni public transport and cable cars, plus entry into numerous city attractions like the aquarium and a one hour bay cruise.

One comment on “The Golden Gate Bridge – SF, Day 2

  1. GlobeTramp
    July 1, 2012

    This was really touching, I’m glad you enjoyed San Francisco and the bridge. Its a beautiful place

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