Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

Exploring Chinatown

What a great day yesterday was!

I spent the morning hunting for couches to surf in New Orleans, and so far am having not much luck 😦 Found a hostel for only $20/night which is pretty reasonable, so we shall see!

In the afternoon I caught the bus to Chinatown and did a self-guided walking tour that was put on by Angels Walk LA (angelswalkla.org). You can download the PDF files of the maps and guide onto your smartphone and away you go. They also have info towers along the route, so I had a great time learning about the history of the area, which was quite remarkable to say the least! Wandering the area itself was great too. There was amazing street art, huge shopping dens filled with cheap imports and 5 tshirts for $10 deals. The little Asian groceries with pungent smells wafting out of spices, exotic vegetables and incense. I got a little dessert called a mochi at a historic bakery called Sweets for the Sweet (969 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012, http://www.phoenixbakeryinc.com/index.html). Apparently it is a traditional Japanese sweet, and is a rice pastry/gel filled with icecream! I got a mango one, and while the outer layer had a strange texture and almost non-existent taste, it was quite good.


These LA street artists can be pretty amazing!

IMAG0862 IMAG0864 IMAG0871 IMAG0872

I spent a good few hours wandering Chinatown taking in all the sights and history. I had plans to join the Union Station walk, but kind of ran out of time. Instead I wandered into downtown area looking for dinner. I got to explore Grand Park a bit, which is fantastic. If I lived in LA, I would go to Grand Park to write, especially near the giant fountain! I did some hunting on my phone, trying to find a good cheap place to eat that wasn’t fast food and Google maps turned up Pitfire Pizza (108 West 2nd st, Los Angeles CA 90012, pitfirepizza.com). I was worried I might be dressed a bit too casual (especially with a bag of shopping clipped onto my backpack), but it was fine. I ordered a pepperoni pizza as that is usually a good baseline to judge a pizza place on. The food didn’t take long to arrive and it was pretty delicious! The meat was from a local supplier, and the cheese was melted perfectly. It had a thin base with puffy crusts and wasn’t super oily. It was just the right size for one person too. The staff were friendly and speedy too, and I love the open kitchen plan. Overall, it didn’t leave me feeling super full, but the quality over quantity made it worth it.

IMAG0904 IMAG0906 IMAG0896 IMAG0890

Off I wandered again, not wanting this lovely afternoon to end. LA is having great weather at the moment in the low 20s, with nice breezes. Locals say it is a bit chilly, but I love it! It means I can wear my jeans without getting all sweaty and gross, and it was nice to know that my leg sunburn from the day at Vneice Beach wasn’t so bad that jeans were an issue, hehe. I found an inner city dog park too, although it wasn’t fenced. I just sat and watched a while, missing my own puppy. Most of the bigger dogs had prong collars on,which I don’t get. Even if they are used for training (which they shouldn’t be), they should definitely come off for playing. One dog kept on grabbing a dog around the neck on his prong collar, which would have been hurting. Then later when that dog came over again to play, the one with the prong collar was stress licking and got snappy in preemptive defense. Of course, he got told off. Makes me so mad that humans can be so stupid 😡 Only one guy took the prong collar off his gorgeous white American Bulldog before letting him go play, so kudos to him, although his dog was still entire. Can we develop a point system for good dog guardianship? Sadly, there were no Great Danes.

IMAG0914 IMAG0916

I really wanted to stay out later, but it was going to get dark soon and I wasn’t super keen on the idea of wandering around on my own, even in a busy city. So I caught the bus home and settled in for the night. Once Aaron got home we watched American Beauty (my first time seeing it) before getting to sleep at 1am.

Today we are headed back to Downtown so Aaron can show me his favourite places around there 🙂

Happy travels,

Kodiko xx

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