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Food: A Dilemma – Indy, Day 1

Last you guys heard I was on a train just getting in to Indianapolis.

A guy called Joshua picked me up from the train station at about midnight and took me back to his place where I was to couchsurf. He even had an air mattress which was even better. I finally got to have a shower after my three days of train travel and fell into a lovely deep sleep.

Woke up at about 10am and got myself all packed up. The housemate who lives in the attic, Chad, didn’t know I was here and he has to come through the room I was staying in to get to the rest of the house. Luckily I was all dressed and just packing up when he appeared, haha.

I tried calling a cab a few times to take me to Butler, but no answer, grr. Chad and the other housemate, David, offered to drive me, seeing as they were going out anyway. I was quite happy to accept the ride. They are cool guys, especially Chad who is an architect major. Hopefully we can catch up again during my time in Indy and they can show me around. Chad is only 19 so likewise prohibited by the age thing, which could be more useful than constantly having people offering to hang out and not realising I can’t go into that bar.

I arrived at Butler, lugged my bag around a bit and finally called Mit who was manning the desk but too busy playing video games to see me just outside the door. He buzzed me in, gave me room key and access card, gave me forms to fill out and my linen bundle. Made my bed from the very thin sheets that don’t quite cover the bed and the pillow that is made of plastic with a thin material pillow case. Now, I know that I wasn’t to expect any sort of luxury, but this still seems lax. But, whatever, I’m in Indianapolis, it is going to be awesome!

The next challenge was food. Usually during semester time, live in residents get a meal plan and food is provided at the cafeteria for them. No such thing for summer school cats. There is a kitchenette with a stove and microwave, however no fridge we can access (there is one, but it is padlocked) and no cooking utensils or pots etc. Not even plates and cutlery. Hm.

I did some quick googling and found the nearest decent supermarket is 1.7mi (2.7km) away. So I took my empty backpack and started walking. The area is quite nice, the houses are lovely. very quiet, not many cars driving around, but then it was a sunday afternoon, maybe thy were out. Saw some squirrels which was cool. They get a kind of seizure/leap thing happening when you get too close and they freak out. the weather here is quite hot too, compared to California and especially compared to wintery home. It is low to mid thirties, quite humid. Not unlike Adelaide summer, but unexpected, which seems to make it worse. They are in a drought right now too. I desperately need to go shopping for shorts as I only bought my jeans and trackpants.

Got to the supermarket and stocked up on foods that did not need a fridge and had some vague nutritional content. I got bananas, pots of fruit, Ritz crackers, instant oatmeal, banana nut bread bars, cans of soup, some bread and also plastic cutlery and disposable plates and bowls. I am hoping we can wash them out a few times before we have to dispose of them properly. In general America seems quite wasteful if you will. They use plastic shopping bags in excess, and put maybe 3-5 items per bag, or less depending on size/weight. I had to repack most of it too into my backpack anyway. Oh, I also got laundry detergent as while there are laundry facilities ($1.25/wash, $1/dry) there is no detergent. I will just share it with the others too, no point everyone buying laundry stuff…

My desk in my room, where I imagine most blogs will be written from now on. I have my food haul on the top shelf there 🙂

Once I walked home I was in a worse state smell wise than after the 3 day train ride…ugh. Took a shower and put on my pajamas (this is at about 5pm), I was still dead from the train trip anyway. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten much at all. All in all it was a fairly productive day, and I felt proud of all that I had accomplished, including developing my problem solving skills. I suppose the human drive to find food and shelter hasn’t really gone away. I’m not sure what I will do to feed myself for the next few weeks, especially for getting meat/protein.

I crawled into bed at about 10pm, yawn.

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