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Fancy Uggs and Strawberries – LA Day 2, part 3

I met up with Keem outside a Starbucks on Hollywood at 7pm. We went in his lexus to a place called The Grove and Farmers Markets which was only a short way from Hollywood blvd. Found a park and then we went exploring!

The Grove Cinemas

Dining in the Farmer’s Markets

Rundle St, but nicer

The Grove reminds me of a particularly up market version of Rundle St at home, lots of shops and nice restaurants, though it is pedestrian only like Rundle Mall. It is kind of in a loop at one end and then down the road a little in the farmers markets. The farmers markets are very similar to the central markets, though there are a lot more food places and it is open air. I started drooling at the sight of fresh produce, I have been craving even an apple for the last day. That sort of thing isn’t readily available in tourist hollywood, and there are no close supermarket type places. We had a long look around before deciding on mexican. I got a summer salad wth the unknown ingredient of jicama. Turns out it was a kind if plant that looks kinda like sticks of coconut, but has no flavor at all. The avocado and onion were delicious, but in the end I got sick of eating a plate of lettuce. Still, wasn’t too bad for $8.

My Summer Salad (plate of lettuce) with Jicama, a root vegetable

I went back to the fresh fruit stall and got myself an apple, apricot and a basket of strawberries. Drool. Those strawberries were amazing too, so so sweet and juicy. We went back to the grove and wandered around. nivea was doing a huge promotional thing and had a free concert going on. The lead act was Ne-Yo!! It was already in full swing when we walked past, and I didn’t know who it was at first but a fan quickly sorted us out. It was a great atmosphere and Ne-Yo seemed to be having a cool time at this free concert. We thought about seeing a movie, but it was already almost 9 and we had an early start planned for tomorrow so decided against it. The cinema itself was pretty impressive though!

Inside the Grove Cinemas

We went for a look down a side street and I found an UGG Australia store. Apparently they are really popular here and wearing them outside is perfectly acceptable. I told Keem about the stigma ugg boot have back at home, lol. Still, some of those uggs were pretty fancy, they had ugg branded high heels and all sorts, without a bit of wool in sight. Apparently here ugg boots are on par with Doc Martins. Go figure.

So pretty! UGG Australia on the left

Keem dropped me off at the hostel and I crawled into bed at 11pm totally exhausted after all my hiking and walking today! Keem is a great guy, he is really curious about Australia and we have great fun making comparisons between the cultures, and also the similarities. He is from Nigeria originally and came to America to study a few years ago. Now he works at UCLA at the neuroscience medical centre doing research on parkinsons disease.

Keem chillin’ with the statues

That’s day two done and it is already almost on day four! Catching the bus and train to San Fran tomorrow, so will do another write up of today, tomorrow 🙂

Missing people lots, yay for facebook 🙂

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