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How to Find Cheap(er) Flights SYD-LAX on Short Notice

Hello Travellers!

I did a post about how to minimise your transit costs as far as airfares/domestic Aussie travel go. In that post I estimated about $1500 for flights from Sydney/Melbourne to Los Angeles. However, due to visa documents issues I have only been able to book flights this week, scheduled for departure in about two weeks time! Obviously I was expecting prices to be upwards of $2000, even on the usually cheap Asian airlines. I was madly searching all over travelzoo.com.au, edreams.com, travelocity, webjet.com.au, and zuji.com.au but the best direct flight they could come up with was $2000 on United Airlines (I think they were on sale). I was kinda bummed, I have not heard amazing thing about United, though I’m sure that overall they are perfectly adequate. I started searching on airline specific websites such as delta.com, aa.com (American Airlines), and virginaustralia.com.au. The first two had nothing comparable on offer, but Virgin Australia was offering flights out of Sydney for $2000, same as United! I really like Virgin’s domestic services and flew with Delta (who now codehsares with Virgin) to Costa Rica and found them to be excellent. I recently joined Virgin’s Velocity frequent flyer program, so I chose to fly with them. The flight times were also really good for me, leaving Sydney about 1pm and getting into LA at 10:30am, so I have a whole day to find a bed for the night. Coming home it is a late departure from LA at 11pm, but I find that this usually means the plane is less full so with some seat shuffling by the lovely people working the boarding gate computers, you can get a whole row of three seats all to yourself, or at least the middle seat empty.

The thing to learn here though is that the best flights don’t always show up in the flight search engines, sometimes you have to go hunting a bit more to find them.


Where have you managed to find cheaper flights?

One comment on “How to Find Cheap(er) Flights SYD-LAX on Short Notice

  1. cassandrajoy23
    June 8, 2012

    Awesome Jari, you should be a detective! My advice on LA in this sense is be aware of when you are landing day wise. We arrived on a Sunday and were going to rely on a public bus to get us downtown, and then a subway to Hollywood. Busses were only every 45 minutes, meaning we wasted a lot of time standing around. I’d try book at least your first nights bed in advance… Maybe even the place we stayed, which is literally 50m from Hollywood Blvd. You don’t need more than a day to see all that, get the touristy stuff done on the first day and then work out couchsurfers or other options. But yes the subways very reliable, but I don’t think there was any running from LAX to downtown, so just something to think about xxx

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