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Exercise Study – Day One

It’s late, so this will be quick.

I recently signed up for an exercise study being run by the CSIRO. They want to learn more about why people don’t exercise, and if it is possible to change behavioural patterns by changing thought patterns based on a person’s values.

The program/study goes for 6 months. It is walking based, so we (the participants) follow a set schedule until after three months we are achieving the recommended level of exercise, 30 minutes/day at least five times a week. So, I did my first session today, which was quite exciting. I really do want to exercise more, tone up etc., but find it so easy to fall into the excuses trap like I’m tired, it’s cold, too busy, etc. The study is about ignoring those “problem solving” excuses the brain comes up with and focusing on your values (appearance, fitness, etc.) instead.

The goal was to walk 2000 steps on 20 minutes, I did 2203 steps in 18 minutes.

I made myself a blueberry and light Greek yogurt smoothie when I got home πŸ˜€

I really want to use this program/study to get myself in the habit of exercising. At the moment I weigh about 73kg, ideally I’d like to be about 60kg, or at least more toned. I tend to go on the mirror rather than the number anyway. But we shall start with baby steps πŸ™‚


Does anyone else have tips/tricks for exercising? What keeps you motivated?

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