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Be Kind, Be Happy

I always knew that people were greedy, cruel, selfish in some sort of way that is, today, innate and ingrained. At least in Australia. But probably elsewhere too.

I was reading on AdelaideNow about how a the government wants to get people in Australia to host refugee “boat people” for short term periods and be paid $300/week for it. I thought this was a great idea. People are always saying how we don’t get enough help from the government, enough money, so why not swap room in a house for some cash? The comments about the story disagree… the most persistent argument was that they should be sent back to where they came from, left in the water, that the money should be used to put them on a plane home. The second was that people didn’t want strangers in their homes. This, I suppose, is kind of valid; it could be unnerving sharing your personal space with someone you don’t know. But people were saying they didn’t want to wake up with a gun to their head, they didn’t want their children being “indoctrinated” with muslim/islamic notions. Maybe their children could use a multicultural education… They say the government should be more concerned with helping Australians, the struggling, and the homeless. For one thing, to be Australian is to be from somewhere else essentially. I would have someone stay with us if we had a spare room in our house.

I wish people could understand how it feels to do something for someone else, not even selflessly, but not be so concerned with what they get out of it, but what the other person is getting. I wish people could be compassionate and kind. I wish people would even just help their neighbour, if not their fellow global citizens. Australia is rapidly changing from the country where everyone is supposed to get a fair go, to a country filled with self-righteous citizens that begin sentences with “I’m not racist, but…”


I wonder if I want to know

2 comments on “Be Kind, Be Happy

  1. rob
    May 6, 2012

    most people Ive spoken with did seem to think the idea had merrit, however maybe the people I talk to are not representative of the population as a whole. Regardless I still believe most people are basicly good and will keep believing that till something shows me otherwise

  2. It’s a big problem here, but the main thing is that the great majority of people, I think, would either be semi-ok with sharing their houses with asylum seekers, or are probably relatively apathetic to the idea, but it’s the negative, racist element who are, unfortunately the loudest and the most likely to get outraged over stupid things. It’s the same with the climate change debate and pretty much everything.

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