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The Excuses You Use to Avoid Supermarket Demonstrators

How many of you have seen an in-store demonstrator at a supermarket? Maybe even your local supermarket? Demonstrators tend to have big smiles and cheery voices as they offer you the very latest and greatest in delicious snacks or useful household goods and groceries. You see us, I know you do, we wear some pretty outlandish costumes sometimes. We are easy to identify! You walk towards us, we smile, open our mouths and wish you a good day. “Would you like to try…?”

Now you have a few options here:

You can say yes, sure, why not, something along those lines. We will dish you out a serve of yoghurt, or chips, or whatever other tasty morsel we have on offer. In return for your delicious snack, all you need to do is listen to us rattle off the benefits/reasons you should buy the product, answer a question or two and take away some reading material that will be lost in your pocket/handbag until such a time you clear it out and recycle it. Let me point out here that while demonstrators are there to give you free food, we also need to report back intel and feedback. Tell us what you like about it. Bitch about what you don’t like. It is all useful information for us to take back to the client that hired us. And we will ask you questions, it is hard to escape that. We will ask what you currently buy, and why. We might ask you what magazines you read or where you listen to the radio, because the client demands these answers. Apparently those sorts of things influence your choice of nappy brand.

There is however also that awkward thing where I’ve run out of stuff to talk about and you are still eating. If that happens, please just walk away. I’m done, my speel is complete. Would you like to take some home with you today? I’ll even get it from the shelf for you if you say yes. If not, we’re done here. It’s not you, it’s me.


Another option, you can say no. That’s cool. You know, just offering you free food here, but if you don’t want it that’s cool…

You can ignore me. Straight out. Don’t even look at me. This can backfire though as I might ask you again if I just think you didn’t hear. I am pretty sure old people with hearing aids especially use this method. If you want to ignore me, that’s cool, but keep strutting that brisk trot that you have down pat.

“I already use it” ORly? Have you seen this new product? Gottcha. I’m never sure if people who use that line are lying or not. I tend to just say “great, have a nice day”, but if my brain is moving quick enough I’ll try and trip you with a new product that you don’t know about. It won’t take long, I promise. You might even like it.

“I’m in a rush” Cool cool. I get that. Last minute dash before school pick up? No dramas. But PLEASE don’t use this line and then spend ten minutes trying to decide which brand of kitty litter to buy. Yes, I am watching you. I stand here for four hours, what am I supposed to do except people watch??

” Not at the moment thanks” How about now?…..Now?…………………….and now?

The headphones/mobile phone trick. If you have something in or near your ear, I probably won’t bother you too much. I am pretty sure some of you fake it for that exact reason though.


Now listen, I’m a pretty nice demonstrator. Some of us can be vicious and go to all kinds of lengths to get you to try the damn chips. I figure that if you do want it, you’ll stop, or come back, and if you don’t then I am not going to force you into it. That would be super awkward for all of us.


Have a nice day!


One comment on “The Excuses You Use to Avoid Supermarket Demonstrators

  1. Kodiko
    April 22, 2012

    sorry honey, i will stop and listen and answer the questions now. I’m just a straight “no thanks” kinda shopper but I’ll be nice to the demonstrators from now on and be thinking of you. love Mum xx

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