Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

The Art of Brick in Adelaide

Well the days are wearing on and I want to post more. I am quite uninspired at the moment. Well, not really, I have lots of ideas but no energy or motivation to write them.

Last Wednesday I had the day off so my boyfriend bludged work and we went cruising down to Victor Harbour for lunch and then onto Normanville before heading home. It was a long lazy day that was nice, but did waste a lot of petrol. But anyway, life is good having those sorts of moments sometimes.

In the afternoon we went to the Art of Brick exhibiton happening in the Goyder Pavilion in the Adelaide Showgrounds. It is an art exhibition by Nathan Sawaya from New York who makes all his art out of LEGO bricks. It can be easy to discredit it at first, but once you see them and have to admire how much time and effort must be put into the sculptures to get all the dimensions and figures just right, it is astonishing. It makes you sit back and just think… “That’s cool.”

They are lovely enough to let us take photos, so here are some of my favourites. I did have some videos, but wordpress wants me to pay to be able to embed videos, bleh…

The Blue Man

Inspired by the day of the dead celebrated in Mexico every year. Each of these masks is slightly different.

About the size of an adolescent t-rex!

Awesome, right?

The exhibition is on right now until 11 June 2012, open every day (except ANZAC day) from 10am ’til 5pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance from ticketmaster or just get them at the door. Adults $15, Children $10, Concession $12.50, Family $45. At the dorr you can pay by cash or credit/debit card, and there is a BankSA ATM in the building. Parking is free in the showground carpark off Rose Tce. The official wesite is here.

I was glad we went to this, one; because it is a great bit of fun, and two; it is awesome when things like this come to Adelaide! Too often exhibitions, concerts and events go to Sydney and Melbourne (harry, Potter exhibition, I’m looking at you…) and Adelaide misses out. Which sucks. So I’m glad to pay for the tickets and spend half to an hour admiring the human capability of creation and creativity, and it means that even more great things will put Adelaide on their itinerary.

If you are in the area and have an hour to kill, I highly recommend seeing The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya, it is impressive.

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