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Some Statements for your Consideration

We are more concerned with our children’s education than ever, but do not give them the space to learn.


My generation is the most and least apathetic generation thus far.


My generation has more options than ever in choosing their life path, but are still choosing the same paths as the previous people.


My generation does not have direction or passion.


Our parents are faced with the balance of protecting us from every struggle and letting us discover the world in all its unjust glory, and usually err on the former.  My generation has suffered and our parents are not to blame.


My generation has too much freedom and not enough common sense.


My generation is too narrow minded and too forward thinking.


My generation is so self-less it is cruel to our souls.


Our society is self-serving.


Our society has the most avenues for finding self-fulfilling happiness and the highest rate of depression and mental illness.


Our society is materialistic and our inner children are choking on it.


Our society is extreme.




This is a paradox and a contradiction.

Please feel free to discuss in the comments or post a link to your responding blog post.

One comment on “Some Statements for your Consideration

  1. Kim
    April 6, 2012

    too true

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