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Random: 29 March 2012

I have been delightfully busy this morning, one with uni work and my documentaries lecture and two with deisgning my two dozen Bon Voyage cupcakes for my friend who on April 1st is embarking on a round the world three week whirlwind trip! She won the ticket from STA travel and you can follow her lovely blog here.

I am going for vanilla cupcakes and the good old buttercream and fondant for the decorations. I have been doing sketches of miniature fondant London buses and the Eiffel tower, plus little suitcases. If they turn out half-decent they might be my best yet. I found a marvelous shop yesterday called Complete Cake Decorating Supplies and it is only 15 minutes from my house! So exciting! I got a packet of 10 double tipped edible markers for $25 and a 1kg pack of white fondant for $8.50. On the markers it said “May have an adverse affect on the attention and activity in children”, hehe.


I have my first Italian test of the year tomorrow, so study study study for me tonight. I am feeling okay about it, I should be able to pass at least! And then, excitment, my mate is flying in from Melbourne in the afternoon to attend Oz Comic-Con! Been back from Costa Rica over a month now and so keen to catch up with people already. ‘Tis a shame that Bek can’t come to get all mah Exit Buddies together again, but shall save that for the end of the year 😀

Saturday is a big day, one of my little cousins is turning 3 so we have a party to go to! I hope there is fairy bread… Then the going away party and finally an evening out and about showing my Melbourne friend around my little town.


Kodiko x

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