Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

Travelling your own city

I want to start seeing more of my city. This is the first year I have been out during our Mad March, to the Fringe, to Writers Week, to Barrio in all its quirkyness. Partly because this is the first year I have had people to go with, but also because, amongst other things, Costa Rica and the travelling helped me realise an obvious fact:

You need to go looking for the good times. Say yes and hope for the best. You never know where you will end up.

It seems simple doesn’t it? Along with this stupid revelation, I am also more willing to better myself by attending these cultured events. That, and I have an assignment for uni based on them, hehe…

I also want to think about being a traveller at home, being a sightseer and tourist in your own city, state, country. Australia is a big place so it is easy to travel somewhere new and it be very different to your own home. When we go travelling we pack so much, but I think most would agree that a constant in the luggage is always a camera of some kind. In Costa Rica people had their SLRs, indestructable Panasonic Lumixs, various digital point and shoot cameras, and iPhones. It was quite an array of options, plus the use of video cameras and just plain drawing. We all clung onto our cameras like life lines, less something extraordinary come along that we couldn’t photograph due to forgetfulness. I rememebr Robin Williams lamenting being photographed so much, and how he refused a fan a photograph once. “But how will I remember??” the fan pleaded. “The old fashioned way!” was the response. So, the point is that travellers, tourists etc always have a camera on them. But what about at home? I know my digital camera often remains untouched at home, except on special occaisions and when cupcakes are worthy of being recorded. But I am making a change to that. Despite the fact that I have a smartphone with an average camera that is always on hand, I have started taking my Lumix with me too, in an effort to record all those extra wonderful things around my city that so easily get lost in the noise.

Pretty North Terrace

I want to go do those tours that are supposed to be for tourists, ride the Pop-Eye, explore the back streets, that sort of thing. I’ll try to post photos of my adventures to come 🙂

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