Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

A Day of Learning and Insightfulness

Good evening! It has just gone 10pm, and I am feeling a bit knackered after being up since 7am, but I really want to write about today. Please forgive any spelling errors etc…

So! This week is the Adelaide Festival, which includes the Adelaide Writers’ Week. Apparently this literary festival in Adelaide is a big deal, proclaimed as the best in Australia and generally highly regarded. I went to three discussions today; the first on Short Stories, the second on writing for TV, films and games vs prose. The final talk was about writing biographies and the many experiences and adventures one has when hunting down material. All of them were incredibly interesting and a joy to listen to, and they were often punctured by humor, with the appropriate giggles returned by the audience. there were some wonderful quotes said about writing, my favourite being this:

Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm. – Robert Shearman

I know this is true for me, and as a result I have quite a few quite well written paragraphs that have never again been examined for narrative merit.

After attending these few sessions I was off to meet a 20 year old German couch surfer named Vince, who was to stay with me and le boyfriend for one or two nights. He is tall, typically German good looks, and quite into sports. He is also incredibly dull, or maybe that is just because we don’t have anything in common. He only really speaks when spoken to and, despite having been a backpacker for the better part of four months, is very straight laced. He is going to be a teacher, because everyone in his family is a teacher and he doesn’t have any better ideas of his own. Long term plan is to get a girlfriend and a house and have a family. That’s it. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but surely travellers are imbued with a desperate sense of wanting something more from life than what might be expected… I don’t know, it just spun me out that even some travellers can simply go home and be done with the whole messy business that is travelling and think nothing more of it.

My last note for this evening is about a small upstairs venue that Vince and I stumbled upon quite by chance. It is an upstairs room, very much looks like someones very large lounge room and there was a kind of young adult christian rock thing going on. A young Asian woman strummed a guitar while singing about how God doesn’t keep a record of her sins or shame. Now, I don’t believe in what she was singing, but I was proud of her for singing it. I suppose that, for me, is something I am impressed by in religious people. They can just believe, and have faith in, something that is so…contested? It must be hard being a religious person, always having to defend your beliefs and put up with the mockery of intolerant others. This girl was singing, and she was singing to God, not the audience. She knew that God was listening, she really did believe it. I admire her for that, and don’t have the same kind of courage.

That is it for now, I will probably come back and add/edit this later…sleepy time for me…

One comment on “A Day of Learning and Insightfulness

  1. rob
    March 3, 2012

    Im not a religious person either and in fact detest those who force their belief systems on you. However I have a close friend who is and the strenght that it gives her at times is to me amazing. How can you be so sure that some unseen entity really cares what happens to you. Give me my friends and family any day

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