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2011 Thus Far


So it is now the… eighteenth day of 2011, and I thought I should recap on how my resolutions are going. First what were my resolutions… *thoughtful look*

Ah yes!, Number 1: save (more)/invest/manage (better)  money. Check. New savings account activated, super is being consolidated and now I just need to research share investment. (Anyone know any useful sites/books/blogs?)

Number 2: hmm, I think I’ve forgotten this one specifically…I suppose my resolutions were all about bettering myself by my own perspective. I exist to experience and experiencing is what takes a human from existing to living.


My boyfriend is a nerd. He has a gaming keyboard thing and it’s freaking me out with weird buttons that knife people…


Getting back to living. I want to better myself this year, achieve more in every sense; from academics to fitness to psychological stability. So far in 2011 I have initiated steps in all those things. I have been prompt with my university enrollment and subsequent responsibilities. I have registered for a pole dancing class at a local studio, something I am soooo excited to be getting back into! I have been setting up new modelling photo shoots with some new but enthralling photographers and will be modelling bodypaint as well. A few months ago I had a not so great experience with a creepy photographer and it kind of put me off for a while. But it is a month and a half until uni starts and I have not much else on. Plus I really do enjoy modelling, I wish I had the stature to go professional catwalk, but for now I am happy expanding my portfolio to show the grandkids.

Life is good. The people who matter most to me are near and love me, the people who are cruel are not. Maybe I could be a better friend to some people, but show me someone who doesn’t think that.

For now, I am happy, my depression is kept at bay, and I will attempt to be a better person, by my own standards of the concept.

With love, faith, and respect,


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