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The Inexplicable Epidemic of Real Women

OK, something that has really been pissing me off lately is this idea of “real” women. Typically, when we refer to “real” women, we mean girls a bit on the curvier side, if not down right fat. Yes, yes I did just go there. I have nothing against people having a bit of extra weight, whatever floats your boat, you all look fantastic, but don’t label yourself as real. It implies that the women who are skinny and have that photoshopped bod are fake, and if I was in that group I would take a lot of offense to that.

Hayley and our Real SA Models open the Westfield Spring Fashion Parade at Marion. Congratulations girls!

Recently the SAFM radio station wanted to do a segment in a Westfield fashion show with “real” women.

Hayley and our Real SA Models open the Westfield Spring Fashion Parade at Marion. Congratulations girls!

Sure thing, it was a great thing to get women up there who maybe lacked a bit of self-confidence etc. but is the woman in the photo above any more real or fake than the one below?

They both look pretty much like real human beings to me! Fingers? check. Shoulders? check. Legs? check. Breasts? check. Arms? check. Face? check. Yep, both looking pretty equivalent to me. Putting “curvy” women on the catwalk just for the sake of it has no point and no place. If they (whoever they might be) want to actively start changing the modelling industry standards then more power to them and I will back them a million percent. But the idea of making the curvy models the real ones just seems rude and only promotes segregation and analysis of body image. It might make people who maybe don’t care so much about looking after their bodies poo-poo models even more. Why the fuck can’t we just get over the fact that there are different body images out there, all of them achievable by anyone. And don’t worry about getting old, happens to all of us, make the most of it and age gracefully, you’ll only end up worse off if you stress out about it.

I have some awesome model friends, and have had some insight into the modelling world, and find it quite infuriating when people take on the unrealistic stereotypes, like that models lack intelligence, or that they are all anorexic/bulimic. But anyway, no, the thing that bugs me the most is this idea of “real” women. Does anyone agree with me?


In reality,


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