Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

Love: Suddenly

Two poems this time, the first is “Light” by Elizabeth Jennings, the second is by William Barnes

Elizabeth Jennings
To touch was an accord
Between life and life
Later we said the word
and felt the arrival of love
and enemies moving off,

A little apart we are,
(still aware, still aware)
Light changes and shifts,
Oh slowly the light lifts
to show one star.
And the darkness we were

William Barnes

Lines 1-16


With you first shown to me,

With you first known to me,

My life-time loom’d, in hope, a length of joy:

Your voice to sweetly spoke,

Your mind so meetly spoke,

My hopes were all of bliss without alloy,

As I, for your abode, sought out, with pride,

This house with vines o’er-ranging all its side.

I thought of years to come

All free of tears to come

When I might call you mine, and mine alone,

With steps to fall for me,

And day cares all for me,

And hands for ever nigh to help my own;

And then thank’d Him who had not cast my time

Too early or too late for your sweet prime.

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