Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

As Far As First Dates Go…

Oh, what a blissful evening…what a lovely way to start a week!

I was late to meet up point by a few minutes but once we found each other it was lovely. We went walking down to a nearby parkland and sat by the lake, amusing ourselves with conversations about ducks. Go figure. He poked and prodded at my clothes, complimented my style, full of lovely discussion and an interesting character all in all.

Dinner at a secluded cafe and exuberant conversation, lemon lime and bitters to drink (bloody P plate drivers) and lovely food. I had the Poulet Au Fromage, which basically translates to Chicken breast stuffed with herbs and cheese, accompanied by tomato gnocci and spinach. My lovely dining companion went for the spare ribs in plum sauce (ew!) and quite diligently tried to eat it with a knife and fork, only occasionally resorting to using the fingers. We discussed everything from alcoholic beverages, being drunk, children’s cartoons, fruit and our families. He insisted that I not pay even though I had budgeted for it… Grrr, bloody chivalrous gentleman…

We left the restaurant and wandered around for a while, walking down the Mall and continuing along. We came to the Intercontinental Hotel and simply admired its size. Must be a great view from the top…want to go see? there used to be a garden up there…are you sure?…yeah! and that was that. we went in and found the lifts and hit the button for level 24. Immediately to the left of the lifts was a large window looking out over the train lines and suburbia…how dull… we walked around the entire floor looking for more windows but no luck… Down a floor! Level 23 had a brilliant window looking directly out onto the city, but was too low to be a good view and appreciate the lights. More exploration revealed a window on the other side that was much more appealing! It overlooked the river, the football stadium and tennis courts, plus the festival theatre and the largest church in the city. It was a view that was characteristically Adelaide, and the rotunda was so cute with its lights… More discussion over the feral river, paddle boats, country living and so much more. He turned to leave and then turned back, I was just smiling, nothing special it seemed. But as with such things, you know when the subconscious emotions and desires burst and momentarily hold themselves in the perfect lights that dance across eyes, so brief you have to watch carefully, lest it be missed and an opportunity wasted. Indeed the 23rd level of the Intercontinental Hotel was a memorable place to share tentative first kisses. He is so soft, hesitant hands holding me close…his smell enveloped me in all it’s warmth and comfort and I could have swum in it for so much longer…we broke apart and continued back to the elevator, palm to palm, resisting so ardently to do with lips what palms do. Just for fun, we stopped on the 20th floor and looked out the elevator as, thus far, there had been large urns to the left of the lifts on each floor. Level 20 was no exception. However, upon exploring level seven no urn could be found, much to our disappointment.

It total it was a fantastic evening filled with good food, spontaneous fun and sweet kisses, and I shall no doubt be exploring this intriguing man’s soul even further quite shortly.

With hope and excitement for the future,


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