Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

People and Their Stories

Have you ever just sat and watched people go about their business? At a shopping mall for example. Or maybe on a bus. humans are fascinating creatures. Everyone has their story to tell, but for the most part we’re too self-absorbed or self-conscious to ask about it. I particularly find this when the person is from the Jurassic and needs to be yelled at in order for them to hear your questions. Few people have the patience to do that. But they all do have interesting stories. At my Great Grandmother’s house (she’s 96 years old and still going strong) there is STUFF everywhere, on all the visible surfaces. Little knick-knacks and paintings, artworks and bits of wool and fluff. And every single piece in the house is special to her and has a story attached to it that she will always remember. The painting of a tree in china with the wood of the frame coming from that very tree. The cactus embroidery with pins sown sticking out to give it three dimensional spikes. The endless photos that line the walls and shelves, going back and forward generations, not to mention the artwork still stuck to the pin-up board that I sent her when I was six! She also has all her own artworks stashed everywhere; along the hallway floor running two and three paintings deep, up the stairs and into the top rooms. then there are the photo albums. dozens of them. when we visited, she went through some of them, telling us the story of each one, and all the people she met. When she was five her father became a missionary in China and they all moved over there from America. Her father had been a camera by the church (a huge deal back then, this was a very old school camera). On the boat trip over to China there were whales and dolphins and my great grandma decided she wanted to take a photo. So off she went to get her father’s camera. leaning over the rail, trying to get a good photo, the camera slipped! so… no more camera for them! She has so many more stories that are truly remarkable. i wonder how she feels now, she is turning 97 in a few weeks and it must be amazing to have seen the introduction of the internet, the mobile phone, space exploration, cars, aeroplanes and every other gizmo and gadget that we have today. I wonder if it makes her sad, knowing how much the human race has changed and seeing us slowly kill ourselves and the planet.

Anyway, next time you are at the mall, sit down and look around. Notice all the people around you and try to fathom their stories and experiences and emotions. Try and understand everything that might have lead them to that point at the mall. It will make your head spin!

Peace, Respect,


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This entry was posted on June 24, 2010 by in Life, People.
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