Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm


Passion: (noun) 1. strong and barely controllable emotion, 2. A state or outburst of strong emotion, 3. Intense sexual love, 4. An intense desire or enthusiasm for something, 5. A thing arousing great enthusiasm.

There are a few human emotions that are so raw, and yet so complicated, you cannot define them in any tangible or logical way. And yet, they are perfectly tangible. they are not often logical, or sensible, or in some cases realistic. But they do exist and shall do so as long as humanity survives.

There are many and a few of the emotions I am talking about. Happiness…Anger…Passion…Passion. Passion is an important one. What a very lonely world this would be if there was no passion. They say you need to have happiness to feel sadness, peace to feel anger. But passion has no counterpart or equal. You cannot have happiness, sadness, anger or peace without someone having passion. A passion for someone or something, a passion for an ideal, a passion for a way of existence.

While studying surveying as part of my engineering course (see Ed-u-ma-ca-tion) I only recently tuned into my lecturer’s passion for the subject. The first few months I have found him annoying, over-bearing, presumptuous and unclear. But in our final lesson before exams, he truly showed his passion for the art of surveying in his desire for all of us to pass our exams with high distinctions and his faith in our ability to. While he chortled on about why this had to equal that and it’s importance to surveying and all that was involved in it (we made a list, it has twenty qualities of surveying on it) I realised that he doesn’t lecture us for two and a half hours a week because he gets paid to, or because he’s bored. I believe it is because he is passionate about his subject of expertise and is certain that no-one could educate us better than him. Regardless of the truth or lie in this, I admire his passion and am grateful for his tutelage.

In my dictionary definition of passion, number 3 says it is ‘Intense sexual love’. I know I am no expert on this subject, but I have my thoughts and so far limited experiences to tell me that this is true. I know the hot, urgent kisses along my neck and body are not urgent because there is a rush for time, but more because my boyfriend wants me, almost desperately, he wants my body and soul and self. And I give it to him more than freely, expecting nothing but the same back. It is not always a fair trade, and it can leave its own minor wounds, but we always come back for more. This is our self-gratifying passion, the selfish and selfless kind, when what we want and what we want to give become smushed together and confused. but we’re only human, so we live with it and move on, wanting and waiting for our next moment of passion and desire to come.

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

– Hegel (German Poet and Dramatist 1813-1863

Passion can be gentle or fierce. It can be a calm before a storm or the most volatile tempest. passion rules human hearts and heads and few can escape it. Even the most ruthless of executives are ruthless out of passion (amongst other things). Passion controls our society, our behaviours and our most ardour needs. Passion seems to be a very volatile thing to place so much in. But maybe because we all have passion, we all accept that it will make imperfect things, and we learn to live with that. As we should.

Peace, Respect,


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