Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm


At the moment I am studying for my Diploma of Engineering Drafting (Design). I suppose that doesn’t really mean a lot to most of you. Basically I get to learn how to draw structural steel connections and concrete reinforcements. Exciting, right? Ok not really.



So why did I decide to this course, given that it is as boring as bat shit?

I didn’t want to do year 11 and 12 at high school. Way too much stress for much to small a target. Basically I could either spend 2 years stressing my ass off to get a number, OR I could study for my diploma for a year and half and get straight into University from that. I chose a course relevant to what I wanted to do at Uni, which is Architecture. By doing Engineering I am guaranteed a place in Architecture at Uni, plus I have a fully employable qualification by teh time I am 18 years old and engineers are in high demand. There is one problem which I have already highlighted though: I detest Engineering and all its little technicalities. I am essentially a creative person, and the idea of creating usable, functional art, such as in a building, inspires me. I am not however the kind of person who wants to work out how much a beam will flex if I use a steel beam which 30 people on the end of it. That bores me to tears and I struggle to stay awake. It’s not that I don’t like maths, I enjoy learning about maths, it’s more that I don’t like APPLYING maths. So knowing that I hate my course and can not complete it, what happens to my university aspirations?

As it turns out, my year of diploma study has not been a waste of time and I can still use it to apply for university. I have applied for a Bachelor of Arts with an English major and will couple this with either screen studies or criminology, both fascinating topics. From there I hope to do some kind of journalism and continue on the path of creative enlightenment and eventually rule the world!!! Ok… maybe not…

Peace, respect,



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This entry was posted on November 15, 2009 by in Life.
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