Most things we write come out of a moment of enthusiasm

General Blog #1

Ok… now what? I have finally started a ‘blog’ but am not sure what to put in it. I suppose i could write about the people I meet, the experiences I have, the world I see. I like to write. I like to think I’m good at writing. People say I am, but sometimes I’m not so sure. But nevertheless, I shall write in here. Hopefully often, though no promises. 🙂 It’s coming up to exam time and things are getting tight, although i definitely have more time than some of the others because I dropped a few subject at the start of the semester. But still, I need to do well in the exams i do have.

“Yes, I have always been this awesome, what’s your excuse?”

My name is Kodiko and I am an almost 18 year old. I have two jobs in the hospitality industry and will hopefully have a third within a month. I have been studying for the last year and will hopefully go to University next year and study a BA with an English major and either screen studies or criminology. I have not done high school beyond year 10 and will be one of the youngest at University. Forgive me if i seem smug or egotistical about this. I am egotistical, I shall admit it and I’m sure a lot of people see it. But it is not my first and foremost personality trait so I don’t feel bad about it. Everyone has an ego, some are just more pronounced than others. My foremost quality is kindness and love. Intelligent. Respect. Unique. Sexy. Just general awesomeness.

Skillful Trio

I have two younger sisters who I love more than anything. One is a performer and drama queen, she can act as good as half the child movie stars out there today. I hope she gets spotted by a talent scout some day soon. She loves to sing. and dance. and act. and perform. she truly has talent and it will take her a long way I hope. The other sister is five and a little terror. She is classically cute and will be absolutely gorgeous when she is older. Her long blond hair is totally natural, though it looks perfectly dyed with golden highlights. She has blue eyes, the same as my mother, myself and my sister. But her’s sparkle. At this age it is mostly out of mischief but it won’t go away, I know it. She looks like a little cherub and give her a few years and she will be a goddess. Her father will have to shoot any males simply to put them out of their misery. Because she knows how gorgeous she is and she will use it to her advantage. She can be malicious and nasty and an absolute bitch, traits that are sure to continue to grow, though with a bit of dilution. She can also be charming, kind and gentle. She is polite and never violent. She has athletic talent that will only get better with time. She can run as fast as the middle sister, who is four years older, and is already more advanced than other kids her age. Her talent is sport, the other’s is performance, and mine is creativity. What a trio we are.

“I Wuv Joo”

I suppose I should talk about my boyfriend some. I love him. Some people find that hard to believe but it’s true. There is a three year age gap between us but I think that is why we get on so well. We are both completely insane and find the weirdest things unbelievably hilarious. He makes me laugh, cry, love and adore. He frustrates me sometimes, as all good boyfriends do. He can be temperamental at times, and get angry at the littlest things, but we’re all guilty of that. And somehow, even when he angers me and I feel annoyed, we always get on with it, get on with living. And enjoying it, which is even better. I love him, and not much will change that. He thinks he’s messed up too much at some things but i hope that as long as I love him and care about him, things will be okay, for him and me and us. *kop kop*

That’s it from me for now, will write soon, for those that actually want to read this 🙂

Peace, respect,


Funny URL of the blog: http://www.ubersite.com/m/32346 (WARNING: sexual content)

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